31 Aug 2016

Wildlife World, creators of some of the UK’s best-selling wildlife products, has opened an innovative display in conjunction with the Webbs of Wychbold garden centre near Birmingham as part of the store’s new and improved Wildlife Garden department.

The six metre long permanent stand is the largest display of the company’s products and one of the biggest and best wildlife displays in the country.

Since installing the stand, Wildlife World has celebrated a significant increase in sales of its products with the store and across the company.

Webbs is one of the largest destination garden centres in the UK and stocks some of the UK’s leading brands in home and garden products. Wildlife World has been working with the store for over 10 years and has supplied many of its innovative products for bees, garden birds, amphibians and other common UK wildlife species.

This year, Wildlife World has expanded its range within the store and now offers its very own display of products in the Wildlife Garden section. The mini Wildlife World store shows may of the company’s most popular products including a wide selection of different bird nest boxes and feeding trays, as well as habitats for bees, beneficial insects, hedgehogs and amphibians. 

Wildlife World worked with Worcestershire Wildlife Trust in producing the display and it includes a special graphics board of the Trust’s site and on-going work which supports local wildlife. The display is also decorated with four information boards highlighting the main facts on birds, bees, beneficial insects and amphibians and how safe habitats are very important to their survival. Small information black boards and digital seasonal information is also displayed across the stand for more information on the company’s products.

Norman Sellers, Managing Director of Wildlife World commented, “Webbs is a very impressive garden centre with such a wide selection of great products for homes and gardens and we are pleased to have been working with them for many years. To now be a main feature in the garden and wildlife section is a great pleasure and we hope that the display of products and information will encourage its customers to help the conservation of so many wildlife species.”

Webbs is a large destination garden centre located in Droitwich, near Birmingham, and very well known for its wide selection of products for gardens and homes, including products from leading brands. As one of the UK’s largest and most popular garden centres, Wildlife World used its long-term partnership with the store to educate and demonstrate to customers the many benefits of using habitats and feeders in gardens.

Norman Sellers commented again, “We have taken an educational approach to our display in the store with the hope that customers will gain a better understanding of the threat many wildlife species are under. Some people also do not understand how important species such as solitary bees, lacewings or ladybirds are to our gardens in terms of pollination and pest control and so we have created a number of information boards to communicate this. We hope that these will encourage and inspire gardeners or families with young children to become more active in wildlife conservation and place or create their very own habitats and feeders for the wildlife in their gardens. This will have a great impact on not only helping the many species but will also encourage them more into gardens, which is always delightful to see!”

A number of Wildlife World’s most popular products are displayed and sold at the store, including its award-winning Urban product range. Designed especially to complement the setting of city and town living, the Urban range provides habitats and feeding sources for birds, bees and other insects, where very little natural habitat is available. Other best-selling Wildlife World products, including the Solitary Beehive, New England Bird Boxes, Hogitat hedgehog house and many others are also displayed and available to buy from the store.

Wildlife World is very committed to the safety and survival of wildlife species not only in its wide product offering, but in the creation of each individual habitat or feeder. Many years of research, design and testing is carried out before each product is brought to market to ensure that it is safe and beneficial for each species to use. The company uses only sustainable materials to create its products, including FSC certified timber, recycled plastic and water-based paints and sealants, to ensure that the species are not exposed to any harmful chemicals or materials.

The company’s product range is now on display at the Webbs of Wychbold garden centre and can also be found on the online store, www.webbs.co.uk

Further information is available from Wildlife World on 01666 505333, by emailing norman@wildlifeworld.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.wildlifeworld.co.uk