Expanding the PR horizon with digital marketing campaigns

30 Jun 2015

Like social media, digital marketing is rapidly becoming a crucial element of a business’ complete PR campaign, with e-newsletters, e-shots, blogs and other forms of online marketing developing into one of the most successful methods of targeting customers and niche audiences.

Here at Vantage we have adapted our time and skills to incorporate effective digital marketing campaigns for our clients, which include bi-monthly e-newsletters, targeted e-shots, blog writing and the creation of infographics.

Traditional PR has an extremely important role in digital marketing, especially in creating valuable content for e-newsletters and e-shots. By incorporating recent news generated through product releases and case studies, digital marketing allows us to distribute the stories to a captive audience and increases the overall awareness of B2B PR campaigns.

We invest a great deal of time to ensure that our clients’ campaigns are a success by identifying their individual target markets and creating content that is both relevant and informative for them to read.

Detailed reports allow us to track and monitor the success of each digital campaign, which are proving to reach beyond the average statistics.