05 Jan 2018

Vehicle safety specialists, Sentinel Systems, continue to work with SARIA to install safety camera and recording devices onto their vehicles. 

One of the leading specialists in the recycling of animal and vegetable products and waste products, SARIA has so far installed rear, forward and side-scan cameras and Sentinel’s award-winning LED cyclist warning sign onto 45 vehicles to offer drivers a clear view of the vehicle’s blind spot. The four cameras are connected to an in-cab monitor and record for up to 30 days, allowing SARIA to use the footage to deal with any incidents.

The SARIA Group is an international manufacturer of quality goods for human consumption, animal nutrition, agriculture, aquaculture and industrial applications. It is also a producer of renewable energies and a provider of services to the agricultural and food industries.

Michael Pallant, Group Transport Manager at SARIA Ltd commented, “We are very pleased with Sentinel’s systems. They have worked very well so far and the main feedback from drivers is that they are good for helping to dispute any alleged third party claims. The systems were recommended to us by Mercedes trucks to assist our drivers and to confirm/deny any liability for insurance claims, which we are finding very useful.

“Our vehicles are installed with forward facing, in cab, off side and near side and rear cameras (incorporating reversing camera facility) and where applicable interior bulkhead cameras. We currently have 45 vehicles fitted with the systems, mainly 18 tonne and 26 tonne rigid vehicles but also nine tractor units as well.

“We are very happy with the results and will be installing more of Sentinel’s systems. In fact, some more of our vehicles are already booked in for the installation and we will have more to follow.”

Sentinel’s 360-degree surround view camera system offers drivers an enhanced view of the outside of their vehicles. It can be combined with Sentinel’s 4 or 8-channel DVRs, allowing for up to 30 days of footage to be recorded. Inside the vehicle, a seven inch in-cab monitor is installed with high image clarity so that anything around the vehicle is always visible to the drivers. The cameras not only reduce the risk of any damage to the vehicle, but also lower the risks of injury to personnel.

Installing Sentinel Systems’ four-camera package and in-cab mobile recording device onto company vehicles also allows SARIA to ensure their drivers are prepared when manoeuvring in tight areas.

SARIA also chose to install Sentinel’s new LED cycle sign onto the vehicles to provide extra protection for vulnerable cyclists. The sign is a sturdy and robust design with ultra-bright LEDs giving cyclists approaching the rear of the vehicle a clear warning that the vehicle is about to turn left.

Sentinel Systems’ safety camera package can be customised to meet the individual requirements of each fleet, depending on the size and operations of each vehicle. The camera system can be created using any number of Sentinel’s systems, including forward, rear and side facing cameras for a 360° view of the vehicle’s surroundings.

Further information is available from Sentinel on 01285 771333 or by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at