29 May 2018

Tansun has found that more and more customers are seeing the positive impact of using its new controllers with its infrared heating solutions. As the biggest advancement in the industry, installing controllers can improve comfort, efficiency and keep electricity bills low.

It is well known that electricity is more expensive per kilowatt hour than gas. This is the hurdle that electric infrared heater manufacturers have to overcome when putting their products out on the market. Electricity may be more expensive, but the efficiency gained and the reduction in energy/consumption wastage shows that gas isn’t always the best option.

Tansun’s time lag switches are especially popular in outdoor smoking areas where there is intermittent use of heaters. The switches come with an easy to use push button timer that can be pre-programmed to be turned on for between 2 and 20 minutes. This means that when customers are outside they can simply push the button on the time lag switch and feel the heating benefits straight away. Time lag switches are ideal for pubs and bars with outdoor areas and take away the worry that the heater has been left switched on outside.

Tansun infrared heaters can be installed and programmed to provide heat exactly where it’s needed with minimum waste and can be controlled with more precision than almost any other heating system on the market. Directed focused infrared heat warms everything in its range without losing heat to other spaces, and combined with the Tansun time lag switches or motion detectors provides the perfect heating solution. With Tansun zoning and control you can optimise your energy efficiency, slim down your heating bills and boast a truly eco-friendly heating system.

All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of commercial, industrial and domestic infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy shortwave heaters for many different types of heating applications.      

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at