23 Nov 2017

NatraTex, one of the leading brands of attractive and innovative hard-landscaping solutions, have recently released a new sample specifier box and brochure.

The specifier box has two inserts to include one or two samples and a space for a flapjack. NatraTex decided to order flapjacks as a sweet treat for specifiers to enjoy (NatraTex flapjack – not suitable for road use) because the buff material is often compared to one!

Also included in the box are four card inserts which highlight the different sectors NatraTex cater for. These are recreational, retail, regeneration and residential and are all colour coded to match up with the company’s logos. One innovative feature of the box is that it includes two videos that play inside the lid. NatraTex chose this design so that when the box is opened users are met by the company’s corporate video – ‘Surfaces with Depth’ – and the NatraTex Overview animation.

To accompany the specifier box, a small brochure has also been designed to explain how NatraTex works. The A5 booklet has a textured front cover and includes two tracing paper inserts. Each page is filled with colourful images of various NatraTex projects and covers everything from the products versatility and innovativeness right through to the application process and the technical aspects involved.

The two main products the company produces are NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour. The Colour range is manufactured in the same way as the Cotswold but includes increased levels of pigment so that customers can choose a bright and distinctive surface to suit any scheme. The products can enhance or contrast with their surroundings and are manufactured to cope with pedestrians and vehicle use.

The brochure also features a case study and testimonial from a school project, just one of many projects that can be found on the NatraTex website.

The new specifier box and brochure is available on request from NatraTex on 01594 826768 or by visiting the company’s website at