29 Jul 2016

Safety specialists Bull Products of Hereford are playing a small yet significant part in the back up to Team GB at the Rio Olympics in August.

As the team attempts to repeat its 65 medal wins of four years ago, physiotherapist James Moore, Team GB deputy chef de mission for performance services, has the daunting task of helping Team GB athletes reach those lofty heights once more.

The 40-strong performance services team led by James covers five areas of medicine (including physios and sports doctors), science (including strength, conditioning and physiology), nutrition, analysis and psychology. They have worked at over 70 major sporting Games and their experience and knowledge of sports performance will ensure the best support is available.

As part of the huge amount of equipment that is being set up at Rio to support the team, which includes telecoms and radio systems and performance analysis systems, the performance services team has hired eight Life Point Pro AEDs (automated external defibrillators) from Bull Products.

The on-site availability of such AED devices can literally make the difference between life and death of an individual and when operated by a trained user can raise the chance of survival by a massive 75%.

The Life Point Pro AED comes in a neat protective carry case and can be deployed quickly in the event of SCA (sudden cardiac arrest).  Although training in the use of the equipment is recommended, the unit features real-time voice commands and step by step guidance.  There is a simple three-step operation of simply turning the device on, unpacking the pads and attaching them to the patient’s chest, followed by defibrillation by pressing the shock button.  Designed to be easily used by the layman, the Life Point Pro helps time cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to perfection, and is invaluable in saving someone experiencing SCA.

The AED is very compact at 300 x 260 x 120mm and weighs just 2.2Kg enabling swift access to patients.  It is powered by a 15V 3000 mA lithium manganese battery, giving a life of 5 years allowing Bull Products to provide a 5-year warranty on the device.  It is programmed to test itself at weekly and monthly intervals and if it detects a low battery level it alerts the user.  The product is fully compliant with UK regulations and British Standards.  The Life Point Pro AED can be hired as in the case of Team GB or can be purchased at £995 plus VAT.

Various accessories are available for the Life Point Pro AED including a wall cabinet, spare defibrillator pads and spare battery packs.  Two hour and four hour training courses in the use of the device are also available from Bull Products and can be organised at the location of the user’s choice.  Also under the ‘Bull National Defibrillator Programme’, users can benefit from the ownership of the Life Point Pro AED plus all its accessories (which includes cabinet and defibrillation pads) over a three year period for £14.85 per week.

Further information on the Life Point Pro AED is available from Bull Products on 01432 371170, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at