18 Mar 2016

Wildlife World has enlisted the talents of television presenter and gardening expert, David Ponton, to participate in the promotion of some of the company’s new products for wildlife.

The QVC guest-presenter has a great passion for all things gardening and wildlife and has worked with Wildlife World to present a series of short promotional videos for the company’s media channels.

The Gloucestershire-based company is a growing leading designer and manufacturer of sustainable, elegant wildlife products and has developed an array of habitats, feeders and accessories for all garden and wildlife species, including garden birds, solitary bees, beneficial insects and garden mammals and amphibians.

Wildlife World worked with video production company PinPoint Media, based locally in Cheltenham, to create a number of videos presented by David Ponton, including a demonstration of Wildlife World’s award winning Urban Bird Feeder and Swing Seat Feeder, as well as a company profile.

The videos are used by Wildlife World for its social media platforms and can be viewed anytime on the company’s YouTube channel, WildlifeWorldUK, along with over 60 other wildlife and product videos. The company also uses the videos for exhibitions and show stands as a constant education of the products for visitors to the stand. This proved an extremely popular and exciting focal point at GLEE 2015 and is sure to be equally well received at Spring Fair this year.

Wildlife World uses the video and David Ponton’s presenting skills to highlight the many attributes and benefits of the Urban Bird Feeder, launched only last year. Throughout the video Ponton emphasises the contemporary design of the feeder and connection to modern living, describing it as a great benefit to birds as it offers them a place to feed, whilst offering a delightful view for gardeners.

The presenter also praises Wildlife World’s Swing Seat Feeder in a separate video, associating it with the enjoyment of sitting on a park bench whilst admiring the surrounding nature. The Swing Seat Feeder is designed to reflect porch swing benches as it hangs from trees or other tall garden objects to allow small garden birds to perch and feed.

Wildlife World created the videos in partnership with David Ponton to not only demonstrate each product in situ, but to highlight how both products are specially designed to benefit garden birds. Wildlife World prides itself in offering a wide range of products that are extensively tried and testing before releasing them to the market, to ensure they are fully beneficial and pose no threat or harm to any wildlife species.

The company has produced many in-house videos displaying the majority of its products being used by its intended wildlife species to demonstrate how effective and attractive they are to wildlife, and how pleasing they are to gardeners and homeowners.

To receive a copy of the full-length video, or for further information please contact Wildlife World on 01666 505333, by emailing james@wildlifeworld.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.wildlifeworld.co.uk