15 Dec 2016

Bull Products’ Cygnus wireless fire alarm system has been specified and installed so far on seven Crossrail projects in London and several miles of track.  The installations include bespoke solutions such as emergency exit signal systems mostly operating underground.

Developed and designed specifically for use on construction sites, the Cygnus wireless fire alarm system is ideal for the Crossrail project as it has the most effective radio of any wireless fire alarm system.

The new Elizabeth line, which will emerge from the Crossrail project, unlocks its doors in 2018 to central London and from the end of 2019 will run from Heathrow through the new tunnels, providing a direct link to central London destinations including Bond Street, Liverpool Street and Canary Wharf.

The Cygnus system is able to link no less than 480 alarm devices in 15 zones. The CE marked system is used in conjunction with a selection of units including fire alarms, smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, first aid call points and combined call point and first aid alerts.

On the Crossrail project, the Cygnus system is operating at stations, access shafts and ventilation shafts across many of the key stations on the line.

At Paddington Station, which is experiencing the most substantial makeover since the completion of the original build in 1853, there are 10 Cygnus units incorporated along with a Cygnus control panel. There is also a Cygnus Interface unit which connects the Cygnus units to 19 radio-link heat detectors.

Located within the heart of the West End, Tottenham Court Road Station is undergoing a significant renovation. The Crossrail project is providing a new underground station and ticket hall at Dean Street (Soho) and a second integrated ticket hall below St Giles Circus on Oxford Street.  Here over 80 Cygnus fire call point and first aid alarms are installed on this project which are linked to two main Cygnus control panels. There are also four Cygnus input/output which connects four bespoke safety signal lights with the Cygnus alarm units. In the event of an evacuation the light signal stays green to indicate the exit is safe to use, if not, it turns red. As mobile phones are not allowed on site, a paging system is also connected to the Cygnus control panel so that when an alert is raised the pager system panel sends a text message to a hand-held pager device that is worn by site managers or first aiders.

At Liverpool Street Station numerous physical constrictions made this project the most complex to interweave with the existing urban fabric, including existing tube lines, post office railway not to mention a maze of sewers. Some 30 Cygnus units are installed on the Liverpool Street project including a Cygnus control panel and 29 Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarms.

For Whitechapel Station the new design approach will see the new Elizabeth line weave between the existing transport services to an elevated station concourse which will act as a bridge above existing lines and incorporates a new ticket hall for all services. Over 25 Cygnus Fire Alarm Call Point units are installed on this project which are linked to a Cygnus control panel.

Further information on the Cygnus wireless alarm system is available from Bull Products 01432 371170 by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at