27 Jul 2016

This September, Bituchem will be joining the discussion of the many subjects surrounding UK highways as the company exhibits at Highways Management 2016, run by Surveyor Events.

The two-day exhibition and seminar is attended by experts from the industry who will be addressing topics such as smart technology on highways, maintenance innovations, the future of the industry and many more.

Bituchem’s team of surfacing specialists will be amongst a number of companies in the exhibition hall and will be displaying information on its many solutions for highways surfacing.

The company has been producing and developing a number of bitumen products such as Fortseal, LockChip and other bond coats and emulsions, which have been used on a large number of significant highways projects across the UK. Bituchem works closely with local authorities and contractors to find the right product solution for each project and assists with every stage of the application.

Lockchip is a particularly popular product from Bituchem as its proven advanced technology helps to retain texture on surface dressed roads by holding chips in place, increasing longevity.

This specialist system is applied by Bituchem's contracting team.  The system allows minimal road closures, keeping disruption to the public to an absolute minimum.

Bituchem are members of the Road Emulsion Association and Road Surface Treatment Association which ensures the work and products supplied are of the highest quality and standard. The company uses high quality materials and manufacturing standards to produce surfacing materials that are extremely durable and able to withstand all weather conditions to prevent the roads from deteriorating.

The company’s products address many of the key issues faced by highways maintenance, including the preservation and enhancement of roads.

Bituchem is also the manufacturer of the popular Natratex and Colourtex hard landscaping materials, which have been used across a wide range of applications on roads, parks, pathways and other commercial or pubic settings. The two materials offer aesthetically pleasing alternatives to traditional black asphalt yet still ensure the same high performance and durability.

Natratex is available in a selection of colours and finishes, including Cotswold which is reflective of the attractive Cotswold Stone. Colourtex is also available in a range of vibrant colours such as red, green, blue, and grey, and is great for playgrounds and multi-use games areas where different colours are used. Natratex and Colourtex are created used naturally-occurring aggregates and a specialist clear resin binder for a fully compacted finish.

Visit Bituchem at the Highways Management Show to find out more about the many solutions available and how they can benefit the future of highways surfacing.

Further information is available from Phillip Humphreys, Contracting Manager at Bituchem on 01594 826768 or 07785 613937, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at