03 Jun 2016

Bituchem’s hard-wearing Natratex Cotswold landscape material has been used to re-surface a road in the Woodford Bridge area of Redbridge.

Approximately 6000sq.m of the Natratex Cotswold 10mm Heavy Duty in buff was applied by Kenson Contractors to the town’s main street which now offers a durable and aesthetically pleasing highway that complements the surroundings of the London Borough.

The specialist heavy duty material is a development of Bituchem’s flagship product, designed especially to withstand the constant flow of traffic whilst maintaining a long-lasting natural finish. These highly durable qualities make the material particularly suitable for a wide range of applications that see regular vehicular use.

The natural coloured pigments of Natratex Cotswold form a buff finish to create an attractive surface that brightens and stands out in comparison to a traditional black asphalt surface. The material is also reflective of Cotswold stone, which is increasing in use across urban and rural environments to create a modern, elegant setting. In using the natural-coloured material, the newly surfaced road stands out from the surrounding areas, and makes it more aesthetically pleasing.

As Bituchem’s leading product, Natratex has proved popular for a wide range of applications due to its durability and low maintenance qualities. The mechanics and functionality of the material is similar to traditional asphalt as it can be laid and compacted at the same nominal thickness, using conventional equipment, making it a top choice for both private and public sector projects.

 Available in a variety of aggregate colours, the Natratex material offers a solution to complement or contrast with the surrounding environment, making it a popular specification with landscape architects. The coloured aggregates used to create the vibrant appearance are bound using a resin-binder for a smooth, seamless surface that will not deteriorate in performance or colour. The strong binder also ensures that the material will not create cracks or potholes from frequent use, so that very little maintenance is required once applied.

Suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular areas, Natratex Cotswold is a versatile material that can be applied for new construction, overlays or regeneration projects with the heavy duty alternative for heavily trafficked areas. The material has also been developed by the company to offer a porous option for schemes requiring a sustainable drainage solution, doing away with noticeable conventional drains.

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