21 Mar 2018

Located in the popular canal side development of Brindleyplace, Bank Birmingham is a chic and lively brasserie with outdoor terraces in a vibrant setting. The restaurant has been fitted with Tansun infrared heaters to keep its customers dining outside all year round.

In order to create a better outdoor dining experience, Bank has installed a selection of different Tansun infrared heaters on their terraces so that their customers can enjoy themselves both indoors and out. These are from the Sorrento, Eclipse and Monaco ranges.

Making al fresco dining appealing to customers is vital for the restaurant, so along with its retractable roof, each of Tansun’s heaters warm an area of 36 square metres to make sure guests are always comfortable. At Bank, the infrared heaters are wall-mounted, but they can also be hung and are suitable for awnings.   

Sarah Pryer from the Individual Restaurant Company commented, “Tansun has supplied its quality infrared heating systems to the Individual Restaurant Company for some time. We are pleased with the performance of the heaters and our customers have found them beneficial, particularly on colder evenings.”

She continued, “We would definitely consider using more of Tansun’s products again in the future where there is a requirement for instant, powerful heating.”

The Monaco heater’s versatility makes it the ideal choice for heating large areas with its powerful ultra-low glare. Its slick design is perfect for bars, restaurants, commercial areas and terraces.

Monaco infrared heaters come with a two-year warranty, glare-reducing gold reflectors, energy efficient low glare lamps and mounting brackets as standard. They can be controlled with a remote or presence detector to easily adjust the heat output and energy consumption when needed.

The Sorrento infrared heater’s versatility makes it the ideal choice for heating large areas as it features a superior long-lasting infrared lamp and a polished parabolic reflector that enhances the heat distribution. The Sorrento Double is durable in all weather conditions, making it the ideal heating solution for restaurants, bars and other establishments looking to maximise the potential of their outdoor areas all year round.

The Eclipse range of zero light ceramic infrared heaters are specially designed to not give off any glare and are fitted with far-infrared technology, which is considered one of the most energy-efficient forms of infrared heating available. The Eclipse range uses advanced ceramic heating technology which gives the heaters 35% more energy efficiency than lower-spec near-infrared products.

All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of commercial, industrial and domestic infrared heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy shortwave heaters for customers up and down the country.      

Tansun heaters are available with a full range of energy-saving controllers which further enhance the efficiency of the products.

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at .