Some social media PR techniques that you might not have considered

09 Oct 2015

As technology PR agencies like ourselves here at Vantage Public Relations are continually asserting, social media is, and will always be inextricably bound up with public relations, with the two able to be combined in ways that can make a significant positive impact on your organisation's image and commercial fortunes.

Your business may, for instance, elect to directly post articles on LinkedIn via the 'Publish the post' feature. This method, unlike the sharing of articles posted elsewhere through status updates, triggers a notification in the accounts of the writer's connections, helping to generate much greater awareness of the new content among LinkedIn users.

Use of the above feature is as simple as logging into your LinkedIn account and clicking on 'Publish the post', which leads to a page on which you can simply enter blog text that you may have already written. This method of posting blog content brings further exposure thanks to the subsequent distribution of LinkedIn articles on Pulse News, a built-in RSS feed in LinkedIn.

The organisations that most effectively enhance and maintain their effectiveness on social media today are often highly proactive publishers of content, frequently providing interesting and authoritative slants on recent developments in their industry, in order to attract readers. Your organisation may attend an event, write about it afterwards and then encourage the event host to share the resultant article, thereby boosting your company's online exposure.

You may also wish to talk to technology PR agencies like Vantage PR about how you can gather online endorsements from the big players on social media. Such an endorsement could take the form of something as simple as a tweet about the positive characteristics of your brand or its products or services, or perhaps an Instagram post or product review.

The more endorsements your organisation gathers from the most influential social media users, the more visible, and thereby influential, your own brand can become online. Various tools exist that make it easier for you to seek endorsements, including those that help you to pick out social media posts with certain hashtags, from which you can find users who are influential in your field.

Seemingly simple techniques like the above can make a big difference to your organisation's reputation, online visibility and sales, once again showing the very real relevance of social media to modern PR.